Optimiser l'espace d’un petit appartement

Optimize the space of a small apartment

Geoffrey G

Today we are going to talk about optimizing space in a small apartment or studio. Do you live or have you just invested in a small apartment for future rental? Do you want to optimize space to make your daily life easier, have more storage and feel comfortable? So you are at the good place !

When you live in a studio or small apartment, you immediately think that you will have difficulty making it pleasant and functional. There is only one key word for this problem: INGENIOSITY! We show you how your small apartment can have everything of a 100 m² house thanks to a few tips.


Firstly, we advise you to opt for practical and aesthetic furniture. Say goodbye to grandma's old oak sideboard, opt for modular or retractable furniture. And what's more, today, furniture brands do not lack imagination to offer furniture that is both trendy and very practical.

Another solution on the furniture side, multifunctional furniture and here too designers do not lack creativity to offer furniture with double utility and essential in a small apartment in order to move around easily and save more and more space.

Here is a small selection of useful furniture:

  • the extendable table,
  • the shelf, desk, ladder,
  • side tables with storage,
  • the sofa bed,
  • folding tables,
  • stackable stools,
  • hanging desk
  • the drying blind…

In short, you will have understood, the possibilities are endless!


Above the door, hallway, entrance, under the bed, in the walls... there are many nooks and crannies to use in a small apartment to save space and create plenty of storage space. These unexploited areas are however easily exploitable with a little imagination and a few tips.

For example, you can attach a shelf to the top of a door, create storage under your bed or the sofa by raising it, use the underside of the stairs to create storage cupboards or an office area, shelves in the entrance, etc.

You can also use the walls by arranging furniture over the entire height such as shelves or very high bookcases, this will give height to your room and even more storage!


In a small home, separating spaces can become a real headache.

However, the dissociation of spaces is important to optimize each space: a dining area, an office, a sleeping area, etc. You can opt for removable solutions such as partitions for example or more original solutions such as a partition bookcase, a screen, curtains.

In short, a multitude of practical and adaptable possibilities to easily separate different spaces without major work but just a little DIY. This delimitation will allow you to benefit from spaces that are very distinct by function.


Now that we're talking about layout and space saving, we have to tackle the decoration part. Thanks to some work and a few decorating tips, it is possible to visually enlarge the room and give an impression of size without pushing the walls.

the painting :

If you want to enlarge the space, you should opt for light colors to give an impression of size to the room and more brightness thanks to the reflection of light on the walls.

White is an ideal color but if it seems a little too impersonal to you, you can opt for pastel colors. This advice is also valid for the choice of flooring (tiles, parquet, etc.).

the light :

Bring in the light! Light is the main element in giving a feeling of grandeur to the room. You should therefore consider installing light curtains, made of light-colored cotton or linen so as not to filter incoming light.

If natural light is not sufficient, you can add artificial lighting sources: floor lamps, pendant lights, etc.


Nothing better than mirrors to make a room look bigger. It allows light to be reflected and creates new interesting perspectives of space. The ideal is to opt for large mirrors to place in front of the windows.

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