Who are Linge-de-Maison.fr’s main customers?


Linge-de-Maison.fr's main customers are Airbnb hosts and concierge services, hotels, resellers, EHPADs, gîtes, campsites, landlords and any other accommodation and hospitality professionals.

At Linge-de-Maison.fr, we specialize in the online wholesale of household linens and we are open to the public with no minimum purchase. We know how important it is for our customers to have quality linen for their tenants or guests. That's why we offer a wide range of top quality products at competitive prices to meet the needs of all our professional customers.

Our team of professionals is also available to offer personalized advice on product selection based on the specific needs of each business. We are convinced that our experience and expertise are assets to help our customers find the best products for their business.

In short, at Linge-de-Maison.fr, we are proud to serve accommodation and hospitality professionals by offering them superior quality products and a personalized consulting service to meet their specific needs.

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